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Guidance and Radiation of Metasurface-Waves
NameProf. Stefano Maci
AffiliationUniversity of Siena, Italy

Biography :

Stefano Maci is a Professor the University of Siena (UNISI), and head of the EM lab of UNISI. Since 2004, he has been responsible of 6 projects funded by the European Union (EU) and 14 research projects funded by the European Space Agency. In 2004 he founded the European School of Antennas (ESoA), a PhD school that presently comprises 35 courses on Antennas, Propagation, Electromagnetic Theory. He is former director of the PhD School of ICT in Siena, and present Director of the FORESEEN center and Leader of the H2020 FET project Nanoarchitectronics. He is an IEEE Fellow and IEEE Distinguish Lecturer. He has been a Director of the European Association on Antennas and Propagation (EuRAAP), recipient of the EurAAP Award in 2014, and of the IEEE Chen-To-Tai Distinguished Educator award in 2016. He won the IEEE Transaction Shelkunoff prize in 2015. He is author of 10 book chapters, 150 papers published in international journals, and about 400 conference papers.

Abstract :

Metasurfaces constitute a class of thin metamaterials, which can be used from microwave to optical frequencies to create new electromagnetic engineering devices. They are obtained by a dense periodic texture of small elements printed on a grounded slab. Changing the dimension of the elements, being the sub-wavelength 2D-periodicity equal, gives the visual effect of a pixelated image and the electromagnetic effect of a modulation of the equivalent local reactance. The modulated metasurface reactance (MMR) so obtained is able to transform surface or guided waves into different wavefield configurations with required properties. The MMR allows a local modification of the dispersion equation and, at constant operating frequency, of the local wavevector. Therefore, a metasurface modulation permits addressing the propagation path of a surface wave, according with a generalized Fermat principle, as happen in ray-field propagation in inhomogeneous solid medium. This may serve for designing lenses or point-source driven beam-forming networks. When the MMR exhibits a periodic modulation along the SW wavevector, the wave propagation is accompanied by leakage; i.e., a surface wave is transformed into a leaky-wave, and the structure itself becomes an extremely flat antenna. In every case, introducing asymmetry in the pixel allows for a polarization control.

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