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Paper Submission

Authors must submit their papers in IEEE Xplore-compliant PDF format electrically....


Contact Us

Dr. Titipong Lertwiriyaprapa   
(General Secretary)

Organizing Committee

Advisory ChairsP. Akkaraekthalin (KMUTNB)
General ChairM. Krairiksh (KMITL)
Vice Co-ChairsT. Angkaew (CU)
C. Phongcharoenpanich (KMITL)
R. Wongsan (SUT)
Technical Program ChairsD. Torrungrueng (Asian University)
M. Chongcheawchamnan (PSU)
D. Worasawate (KU)
Y. Zhao (CU)
Publication ChairsE. Nugoolcharoenlap (RMUTR)
P. Uthansakul (SUT)
Publicity ChairsA. Boonpoonga (KMUTNB)
M. Meeloon (DSI)
Local Arrangement ChairsR. Silapunt (KMUTT)
P. Pongpaibool (NECTEC)
T. Limpiti (WU)
Sponsor & Exhibition ChairsS. Chalermwisutkul (KMUTNB)
P. Chomtong (KMUTNB)
K. Phaebua (KMUTNB)
Registration ChairsP. Janpugdee (CU)
P. Keowsawat (PBRU)
A. Namsang (CATC)
General SecretariesT. Lertwiriyaprapa (KMUTNB)
S. Chaimool (iEMAT)

Call for papers

Topics include:

    A : Antennas
    B : Propagation
    C : Electromagnetic-wave Theory
    D : AP-Related Topics


Important Dates

    Paper Submission Deadline:

May 1, 2017

May 15, 2017

May 31, 2017

(Hard deadline)

12:00 am(Thailand standard time)

    Notification of Acceptance :

August 1-6, 2017

    Early Bird Registration Deadline:

August 31, 2017

September 4, 2017 (Extend)